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tough questions

By Stephen Andrew, January 2014

The first-term councillor details why she ought to run for mayor of Victoria without actually announcing that she will.

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Lisa Helps, elected to Victoria City Council in 2011, beating out several experienced and well-known politicians, seems to want to distance herself from being an “old-school politician.” 

As the executive director and one of the founders of Community Micro Lending, she works to provide loans for small business ventures for people who cannot obtain credit from banks and other traditional lenders. It’s an organization that has seen immense success, but one that Helps is preparing for her departure.

By Stephen Andrew, October 2013

VicPD’s former Deputy Chief John Ducker reveals political infighting, millions spent on legal issues, and a looming crisis in the department.

Last month, when the provincial government allowed the terms of all of its appointees on the Victoria Police Board to lapse, it left the board in a position where it could not legally operate. Though the Province named three new board members 12 days later, it had placed Victoria in a precarious position: The board had selected Sudbury Police Chief Frank Elsner as VicPD’s new chief, but had not completed negotiations. 

By Stephen Andrew, September 2013


Nobody seems happy with BC’s police complaint process. It appears to be a system rife with distrust, allegations of being unfair, and it is costing taxpayers millions of dollars. But, according to BC’s Police Complaint Commissioner, it’s the best in Canada. Now a young Saanich man is about to find out for himself how the system works. So far, he’s unimpressed.


Dallas Wigmore was walking home with two friends late in the evening this past June when a Saanich Police cruiser careened up beside them. “An officer jumped out and started screaming at us,” the 20-year-old recalls, “He didn’t even tell us why we were being stopped, or ask us for information.”