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By Katherine Gordon, December 2010

British Columbia’s 32 indigenous languages were almost completely obliterated during the infamous reign of the residential schools. In 2010, they remain close to extinction. In a province where English predominates, does restoring them to active use make any sense? Overwhelming evidence suggests that the answer is yes—not only for the First Nations people from whom they were stolen, but for everyone.

"All our social problems stem from the disconnection of our young people to our culture because they don’t know our language,” says Renée Sampson, tears sparkling in her eyes. “Without that sense of cultural identity, they just don’t know who they are.”

by Sam Williams, November 2010

Did the City ignore the recommendations of their consultants on what to do with Big Blue? Or have they wisely adopted them? Did Delcan hype their report to profit from Infrastructure Stimulus Fund cash? Or will the bridge really collapse, as the Mayor has said, in any seismic event? Is a new bridge necessary for the greening of the City's transportation system, or is it being bought on impulse with little planning and knowledge of expected future use? Will fibs, big and small, win the referendum on November 20?