Bridge design changes again

By David Broadland, September 2013

Sebastien Ricard Fuming?

The only set of artist renderings ever done for Victoria’s $100 million new bridge were made back when the $63 million price tag included rail. Even as the bridge diminished in size, scope, and quality—and the cost of project management went through the roof— the project was always depicted by those same original renderings.

But new construction drawings obtained from the City by FOI show the bridge that’s actually going to be built will have only a passing resemblance to those time-worn renderings.


The documents reveal the bridge will still have those big wheels, but all the subtleties and Euro-glam of the original design by award-winning bridge architect Sebastien Ricard have vanished. For example, Ricard’s renderings showed all major elements of the superstructure having six or more sides; the trusses consisted of clusters of three tapered diagonal spokes connecting the deck-level chord to a six-sided, tapering overhead flange, creating a sophisticated esthetic that screamed “Alien Spacecraft!” from every angle.

schematic drawing

Now every element has four straight, flat sides; those spokes have become straight, flat-sided boxes that connect a straight, flat-sided lower box to a straight, flat-sided upper box. The intersection of each element has become rounded and simple, creating a boxy look that loudly declares “Fixed Price!”


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