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City of Victoria's FIPPA Section 43 action against Focus Magazine

The City of Victoria withdrew its Section 43 application the day before it would have been required by OIPC's Hearing process to submit evidence for the claims it made in its application. Those people named in the City's application consider the City's letter of withdrawl to be libellous and defamatory and so Focus has not included that letter in this record.

A letter sent from Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham to the parties notes that as a result of comments on the merits of the City of Victoria's Section 43 application, made to media by former Information and Privacy Commissioner David Flaherty, the application will be assigned to an adjudicator outside of Denham's office.

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner expedited this file and issued a Notice Of Hearing. The document outlines the process, establishes a schedule for submissions and notes the burden of proof on the City of Victoria.


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This is the City of Victoria's application for a FIPPA Section 43 authorization sent to the BC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. It was written by the City of Victoria's Corporate Administrator Robert G. Woodland.


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